World Environment Day] Harmony between man and nature, building a green ecological Guiyang

All nature's problems are human problems

June 5, Guizhou Province, June 5 World Environment Day theme activities held in Guiyang Ecological Science Museum, the theme of "the harmony of man and nature". It is reported that this activity aims to further awaken the awareness of biodiversity protection in the whole society, firmly establish the concept of respecting nature, conforming to nature and protecting nature, and build a beautiful home where people and nature live in harmony. Further raise the awareness of ecological civilization in the whole society, develop good environmental protection behavior, and build and share green ecological achievements.
Carry out popular science publicity, calling on the public to practice low-carbon life

In the square outside the science museum, a rich and innovative environmental protection publicity activities, and actively guide all sectors of society to focus on practicing the concept of green development of the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, volunteers through the explanation, distribution of publicity materials, etc., to the public and visitors to popularize the ecological imbalance now facing mankind, the problem of changes in the living environment, as well as the protection of the ecological environment, the battle against pollution, low-carbon life, waste classification on The volunteers also explained the importance of protecting the ecological environment, the battle against pollution, low-carbon life and waste separation to a good life, and called on citizens and friends to practice low-carbon life together.

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