Noise pollution is becoming more and more important, favorable to the relevant monitoring instrument industry

Noise pollution is becoming more and more important, favorable to the relevant monitoring instrument industryNoise pollution can not be seen and touched, but has a certain degree of impact on people's production life.
  The Noise Pollution Prevention and Control Law" clearly, noise pollution, refers to exceed the noise emission standards or failure to take preventive and control measures to produce noise, and interference with the normal life, work and study of others.
  The relevant person in charge of the Department of Atmospheric Environment of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment said that at present, the public's expectations for the quality of the ecological environment are getting higher and higher, and sound pollution has become the focus of concentrated complaints in the environmental field.
  According to the "2022 China Environmental Noise Pollution Prevention and Control Report" issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, in 2021, the number of noise complaints reported continued to be high. According to incomplete statistics, the national prefecture-level and above cities "12345" citizen service hotline and ecological environment, housing and urban-rural construction, public security, transportation, urban management and comprehensive administrative law enforcement departments received a total of about 4.01 million noise complaints and reports (the statistical caliber has been adjusted). The national ecological environment complaint management platform received a total of more than 450,000 public reports, of which noise nuisance problems accounted for 45.0% of all reports, ranking 2nd in the various elements of environmental pollution.
  Based on this, the newly promulgated "People's Republic of China Noise Pollution Prevention and Control Law" ("Noise Law") came into force on June 5, 2022. The Noise Law stipulates that any unit and individual has the obligation to protect the sound environment, and at the same time enjoys the right to obtain information on the sound environment, participate in and supervise the prevention and control of noise pollution in accordance with the law. The law makes provisions for annoying nighttime construction noise, motor vehicle roaring and speeding noise, loud entertainment and fitness sound, and noise nuisance from neighbors' pets.
  On January 3, 2023, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and 16 other departments jointly issued the "14th Five-Year Plan of Action for the Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution". The "Action Plan" focuses on the outstanding issues closely related to the people, taking into account the characteristics of noise pollution prevention, systematic planning of the "Fourteenth Five-Year" period, the main departments to carry out noise pollution prevention work, to achieve sustained improvement in the quality of the sound environment has an important strategic significance and leading role.
  Among the monitoring links, "Action Plan" to enhance noise monitoring capabilities, by the end of June 2023, municipalities directly under the Central Government, provincial capitals and municipalities with plans to complete the deployment of national sound environment quality monitoring stations, adjustments; by the end of 2023, other municipalities to complete the corresponding work. Local management of the sound environment according to the needs of the coordinated deployment of sound environment quality monitoring stations. Strengthen the construction of measurement-based standards related to noise monitoring, do a good job of noise monitoring type of instrument calibration, the development of noise monitoring and testing instruments related to national measurement specifications, effective support for the evaluation of sound environmental quality and noise pollution management.
  Industry experts believe that in 2023, with the "14th Five-Year Plan of Action for the Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution" and the implementation of the "Noise Law", China's noise and vibration control industry will usher in a new period of development, with a huge market share. At the same time, noise monitoring instruments will also be further developed.
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