Spring recruitment set off to explore the industry's reality, these environmental companies have begun to grab people!

On February 15, 2023, the news of "can you beat 95% of the people with a monthly income of 5000" was listed on the hot search, which triggered a heated debate among netizens. It is said that the narrative of "millions of annual salary per capita" on the Internet is too exaggerated, but the result of "5,000 monthly income can beat 95% of the people" is also doubtful.
  However, who doesn't like "high salary", the first priority of young people must be to struggle! How do you get a high income? Some say it is crucial to find the right industry, so the environmental industry will be the "right industry"?
  At present, various industries for the spring recruitment activities for colleges and universities are starting one after another, environmental protection online noticed that the water source, Takitao environment and other companies have hung a lot of recruitment information for the campus ↓
  Bi water source
  Recruiting object: 2023 undergraduate, graduate (master, doctoral) graduates of key institutions.
  Recruiting majors: process technology (environmental engineering, environmental science, water supply and drainage, chemical engineering and other related majors), market development (environmental engineering, environmental science, marketing, business management and other related majors), project management (electrical engineering, automation, engineering cost, engineering management, civil engineering, safety management and other related majors), technology research and development (polymer materials, materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, water supply and drainage, etc.) chemical engineering, environmental engineering, water supply and drainage and other related majors).
  Takito Environment
  Jobs: environmental technology R&D engineer, wastewater treatment engineer, environmental remediation engineer, air pollution management engineer, environmental consulting engineer, etc.
  Positions require bachelor degree or above, majoring in environmental engineering, material science, water supply and drainage, soil science, hydrogeology, machinery, thermal engineering and other related majors.
  In addition, the environmental protection online in the wisdom of the recruitment released by the "wisdom of the United - air dual selection will" of the college search found that in January this year, the University of Electronic Science and Technology, Xiamen Institute of Technology, China Ocean University, Wuhan University and other universities to open online recruitment activities.
  Ltd. is recruiting equipment engineers, R & D engineers, with a monthly salary of up to 8,000 yuan; Shanghai Cluster Rui low-carbon energy technology Co., Ltd. is recruiting polyolefin wax, micro reactor-related R & D engineers, with a monthly salary of up to 18,000 yuan; Deepwater Water is recruiting water municipal facilities operations, environmental technology consulting, full-time R & D personnel, with a monthly salary of up to 12,000 yuan, Youmei Environmental protection recruitment of energy saving and emission reduction engineers, environmental monitoring data analysis specialist, with a monthly salary of up to 12,000 yuan ......
  Not long ago, environmental protection online also released a piece of information, there are some ESG management post salary has been given to 500,000 yuan, corporate ESG specialist, consultants, etc. are also stepping up recruitment, fresh graduates can also get a monthly salary of up to 30,000 yuan. (For more details, see: Monthly salary of 500,000 for management positions and 40,000 for freshers? ESG wave has not yet arrived, the recruitment market first fire)
  The monthly income of more than 10,000 minutes, this time there is no reason to say that the environmental industry is short of money, to fill the talent hole is the "urgent". So, dear freshers, not ready to come to the environmental industry to "strike gold"?

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