Energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Department of organizations held a forum on the recycling of new energy vehicles power batteries

In order to strengthen the recycling of new energy vehicle power batteries, improve the system construction and traceability management, February 10, 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Department organized a working symposium, some local industry and information departments, relevant industry associations, research institutions, and new energy vehicle production, power battery production, battery leasing, comprehensive utilization of used power batteries, end-of-life motor vehicle recycling and dismantling, etc. The meeting was attended by representatives of enterprises in the field.
  At the meeting, relevant experts introduced the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China in recent years, and analyzed the trend of waste power battery generation.
  Relevant enterprises in the power battery industry chain exchanged information on the application of key technology research and development for the resource utilization of power batteries, the impact of the business model of power exchange, and the green design of power batteries.
  Comrades at the meeting exchanged views on improving the policy and standard system of power battery recycling, strengthening the traceability management of power battery recycling, accelerating the iteration and upgrading of key technologies for resource utilization, and promoting the recycling of key resources of power battery.

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